Impact of Information Technology Capability on Finance Firms’ Performance

Hi guys I made a research that evaluates the relation of firms’ financial performance and IT capabilities. These are the final results for a medium set.
I hope this will help.


In this study, IT capabilities of the financial firms are studied as one of the core competencies that is accepted as one of the important capability in the framework of the resource-based view. Its basics definition and characteristics of the core competency are explained as well as its practical usage and benefits in the theoretical framework. After that technical IT capability, managerial IT capability and Human capital support are examined as a sub-dimension of IT capability. Their effects on the financial performance of the financial companies are studied afterward. Therefore, three main hypothesizes put forward, but findings suggest that technical IT capability and managerial IT capability must be approached together. For this reason, main hypothesizes form into integrated (technical and managerial) IT capability and Human Capital Support has a meaningful and positive effect on firms’ financial performance. This study is also of importance based on the fact that the financial performance indicators are taken from Association of Banks of Turkey (ABT).
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