*Our aim for this project was to develop a social  network software-application, which is similar to the popular Facebook.
*Friends is a software which organizes the relationships and information of the people with each other.
*The static and dynamic data of the members and the other stuff had been kept under lists and text files.
*Every user can login Friends with their unique usernames’ and passwords’.
*Member List and Soccer Team List are  designed as a Multi  Linked List, but there are differences between Member List and Soccer Team List.
*A member has 2 links, as a Group and another member,  a soccer team has 2 link s too, but  it’s links are the same, both of them soccer teams.
*That’s why , their adding and deleting methods are pretty different. The one of add method of Member List is used for add a Group, and the other one is used for add a Member, but methods of Soccer Team are both used for add Soccer Team that depends on their  names  or their numbers of participants .
*Horoscope List is developed as a Circular Linked List .
*It has general methods of Circular Linked List like adding  and deleting methods .
*The important difference is that , the list is circular. That is mean ,the last horoscope  shows the head.

*Program for every kind of users
*Very easy to use
*Comprehensible utilization
*Very short program size (because of quality coding)
*Colorful theme
*Service support



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